maandag 6 februari 2017

Yahoo group for incredimail letters

Welcome To
.:: A La Carte Incredimail ::.

We share all types and themes of Incredimail Stats. Tags matching IM Stats may also be shared.
Our ratings range from G to SAC stats in good taste. Absolutely no nudity allowed.
IM letter creators are given respect by not allowing the ripping of headers.
Weekly participation is encouraged, even if it's just to say hi on an Incredimail stat.
Members sharing is what makes a Group successful.

Since we're an Incredimail sharing Group, jokes, photos, political, etc email's are not to be shared. We want everyone to have fun sharing without the drama or controversy.

Creators and Snaggers are alway's welcome!

Thank You for stopping by and we look forward to you joining our A La Carte IM family!
Angel and Sheryl ~ Owners

Paint shop pro & Photoshop show paradise

Here we share links to paint shop pro and photoshop tutorials we find on the internet.
And share our results with the group.
Once in a while we have a challenge you are free to participate or not.
You are free to send your results on a incredimail letter or outlook letter or just the tag no problem.
Just have fun and have respect for each others work.

Hier delen we linken naar paint shop pro en photoshop lessen die we vinden op het internet.
En we delen onze resultaten met de groep.
Af en toe hebben we ook eens een uitdaging waar je van vrij bent aan mee te doen of niet.
Je bent vrij om je resultaat te stuuren op een incredimail of outlook papiertje of gewoon als tag geen enkel probleem.
Heb gewoon plezier en respecteer elkaars werk.